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The website is an important means of online communication; it represents an interface between the public and the company.

Up&Up offers a website creation service able to successfully achieve the established communication objectives. Attractive graphics, reading structure, maximum usability and user-friendly: Up&Up websites are developed in a “dynamic” way so as to be easily updated directly by the client through CMS .

Up&Up develops websites at an international level combining graphics and functionality, reinforcing Brand Identity .

Up&Up develops a website with various steps. Starting with the design, it creates the navigation tree (site architecture); the layout and the wireframe are designed, i.e. the site’s pages and the content layout. The creation of the graphic draft , website development and the actual construction of the website, and finally the upload.

Up&Up creates and optimises mobile-friendly sites that are high-performing and easy to use, even on mobile devices.

The mobile-friendly design promotes search engine positioning, increasing the success of an on-line business.

Up&Up develops responsive websites that are different and independent from those designed for desktop versions. The mobile internet sites designed by Up&Up are lighter and easily viewed at reduced resolutions, simple to navigate and more intuitive so as to offer an excellent user experience. Relying on Up&Up, means getting more on-line visibility , with excellent results in terms of positioning .

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