Visual Identity


Our agency manages all operations for the creation of videos . During the pre-production phase, we lay out Storyboards (narrative sequences), casting (selection of actors / models), set organisation and choice of location, settings, equipment supply and costumes.

The production of corporate videos is taken care of by a team of video makers who shoot using equipment adapted to every need.
Up&Up takes care of the post-production phase dealing with editing, soundtrack, voice-over, acquisition of material from the client, 3D graphics and visual effects, colour correction, DVD authoring and conversion for the Internet.

A video describes the company, shows off the products and services offered, illustrates the work performed, reports important moments of an event and presents news.
The corporate videos aim to reflect the company and its activity to all stakeholders, involving them, informing and entertaining them. Corporate videos are essential to a marketing strategy, but they are also effective tools for internal communication and training. Corporate videos can be uploaded to the corporate website and used at fairs, conventions and events.
Up&Up creates immersive videos with panoramic video recordings and 360-degree videos, the user can move up and down, left and right, watching the video from different perspectives and feeling involved in a full immersion experience.

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