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Google Server

Up&Up, efficiently and expertly manages the transfer of websites and e-commerce sites on Google servers, fast and reliable cloud servers able to guarantee:

  • Absolute flexibility: the agency sets all the requested parameters in a few minutes, saving a considerable amount of time.
  • Maximum reliability: data from a website that runs on Google servers is not in one physical location but is distributed across multiple machines in Europe, America and Asia. This redundancy allows you to reduce hardware costs and create instances around the world by increasing traffic.
  • Quality user experience guaranteed to every visitor, who can easily navigate a website.
  • Top-of-the-range security: Google’s server protection system requires a security key.
  • Optimum performance guaranteed in all conditions by server scalability.
  • Maximum functionality offered by the many available stacks that improve the platform’s performance.

Moving from a website to Google servers is handled by the Up&Up team and allows you to maximise the potential of Google and the power of its fibre.

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