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Google AdWords is a search engine promotion system that uses paid ads, a useful Google tool to test the opening of new markets at low cost and to measure the interest of users precisely . Up&Up manages international on-line advertising campaigns, offering a reliable and flexible service.
Choosing Up&Up allows you to achieve results in terms of:

  • Coverage: Google reaches more than 90% of internet users in Europe;
  • Relevance: the results are related to what the user is searching for;
  • Return on investment by only paying for leads.

Up&Up is Google certified for managing Google Adwords campaigns and planning complex , high budget and all-language campaigns . The Google AdWords certification certifies the quality of service offered and the ability to get generated performance by advertising on Google.
The web marketing team is responsible for creating new campaigns or optimising an existing campaign, in the aim of achieving the highest conversion rate . It also monitors the results of active Google AdWords campaigns, making any changes to increase their performance. Up&Up extends its AdWords consulting service at the international level.

Thanks to the Google AdWords certifications achieved – Advertising on the Search Network , Display Advertising, Video Advertising, Google Shopping Advertising and Mobile AdvertisingUp&Up creates, manages and monitors different types of AdWords campaigns and advertising on Google, including:

  • Google AdWords Search campaign: text ads appear on the first pages of Google.
  • Display campaign: graphic, video and text ads are inserted on the sites and portals.
  • Video Campaign: video spots are created, to be published on Youtube and on other Google sites.
  • Remarketing campaign: allows you to repeatedly and continuously target users who have accessed the website or a page, showing them relevant Google AdWords ads. The remarketing campaign allows the strengthening of brand awareness towards its target, showing its communication only to users who have already expressed an interest.
  • Shopping campaign: Products are promoted using ads containing a product listing. This type of campaign can target users when they already have an interest in a product or service.
  • Mobile Campaign : allows the promotion of products and services of a brand when there a mobile or responsive website is possible as a landing page . The mobile campaigns managed by Up&Up allow you to create ad hoc content for mobile use and refer the user who clicks on an area with a high degree of mobile usability.

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